Hello, my name is Dan Baker. My business is called STEEL ALPHAS. My passion in life is helping people transform their bodies into their best, strongest,and leanest versions in the fastest and healthiest way possible, all while being able to enjoy the process and still be able eat the foods they love and enjoy! I show people how to turn their bodies into fat burning machines through intermittent fasting, a time restricted eating protocol that permits optimal fat loss and health goals by turning the foods you love to eat into fuel  for the body that builds muscle and burns fat. lifting heavy weights to build muscle and strength that give your body its best shape and finally incorporate HIIT cardio and brisk walking to crank up metabolism and to promote fat loss, and a very healthy cardiovascular system. I coach in person and offer online coaching as well, my goal is to help as many people as possible transform their bodies and lives and truly love to their best potential.