Congratulations to Caira Karihwenhawi Nicholas for winning the KHRO Logo Contest, take a look below to see the new logo and read her explanation for the design.

As mentioned in the title KHRO is being rebranded to KETSC short for Tsi Shakotiio’tenhseraienwá:se Kanesatake Employment and Training Service Center. You can reach us at and 450-479-8373 ext. 301

Have a great week and congratulations once again to Caira!


This is my full-colour application for the
logo contest.

KHRO’s logo has been a bird for a while and
I thought it was so fitting-so why change it.
A bird relies on its predecessor to give it the
tools it needs to survive in the world.

I reimagined this logo with the bird flying off
now, determined for great things.
The helping hand underneath represents
those at the center who assist in any way
they can.

The flint is an important symbol for us as
Kanienkehaka. We are the People of the Flint
and this logo uses this important working
tool as a way to represent the connectedness
we share to our roots as community.


Caira Karihwenhawi Nicholas