Shekon kanehsatake.

Following the Provincial recommendations and directives Monday December 20th 2021, it is the decision of the MCK to order non essential workers to work from home until further notice.  Please be advised that I (Amanda simon) will be on vacation from January 10th to January 28th 2022 inclusively.  Due to these exceptional circumstances I will make myself available during my vacation to offer any help community members may need.


Lands and Estates Department:


Should community members need to have a land transfer effectuated, please contact Paige O’Brien at 514-756-2265 or to offer your details.  She will then prepare the land transfer accordingly and get prior approval from Indigenous Services Canada.  Please be aware that time delays due to this work from home order will occur.  Also be aware that we require anyone given an appointment to sign transfer documents to respect the Covid-19 sanitary measures at all times.




Should an unfortunate death occur in the community, please communicate with Paige O’Brien who will coordinate with surveyors for the Pine Hill Cemetery and reach out to me for other related details.  Anyone seeking updates in ongoing estate applications can reach out and ask and we will be pleased to make the inquiries and get back to you with our findings.





For anyone who has lost their band card or needs a renewal because their cards will expire or is expired please note the following:  Paige O’Brien is not authorized to carry out any work in membership due to the guidelines and restrictions of Indigenous Services Canada.  Therefore, any requests will be answered by Amanda Simon in a reasonable response time, considering she will be officially on vacation.


Temporary registration letters will be made available to anyone who needs one, for those people who have lost their cards.


New registrations and renewals will be treated following my vacation.




Newsletters will be going out before the new year and new information sessions will resume once restrictions are lifted.



Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year!


Amanda Simon

Certified Lands, Estates & Membership Manager

Gestionnaire Agree en Gestion des terres, Successions et Droit d’appartenance a une Bande