Employability Measures


To encourage employers to assist clients who have employment barriers or have completed accredited training and wish to acquire work experience. This measure is intended to help unemployed people gain experience through job creation and improve their long-term employment opportunities.

The participant must:

  • Be part of Human Resources Employment & Training active labour force prior to placement on a measure
  • Have met with a Human Resources Employment & Training Counselor and together agreed that this type of training is part of the Participant’s Action Plan prior to start date of the measure
  • Have acquired specific certification in training directly related to the employment initiative prior to the start of the measure
  • Not have received Human Resources Employment & Training funding in the last two years, unless designated by KHRO and the employer due to unavailability of suitable candidates

 The employers must:

  • Provide proof that applications to other funding sources have been made on behalf of this initiative
  • Provide a detailed job description outlining the pre-requisites for position that has not been previously funded through Human Resources Employment & Training prior to posting this initiative to the public

 Available Services:

  • Summer Career Placement.
  • Upgrading work experience.
  • Work Experience Program.
  • Youth Work Experience Initiative.


Please take note that applications for all funding requests must be submitted to KHRO at least 60 days before the official start date of the training to allow for adequate time to review and process the request.

 Applications will be approved based on the criteria met and funding availability

 All applications can be found below

Employer Application for Funding Assistance Form

Employee Application Form