Thatiniarotárhoks – They steer their future


The Thatniarotáhoks or Capacity Building with KHRO project came into creation in late July of 2018. It’s purpose was to offer youth (aged 16-30) of Kanehsatà:ke the opportunity to gain pre-employability and essential skill training to enter the work force. Two groups were developed in September 2018 and April 2019, both groups experienced training relating to finding a job in today’s labor market. For 8-weeks, both groups learned how to write resumes, professional emails, job interview preparation, and discovering different skills and abilities that they possess. Both cohorts were met with different guest speakers local and non-local to see what sorts of careers and jobs are available to Indigenous peoples in Quebec. The first cohort in September 2018 were given two weeks of daily training in entrepreneurship to eventually learn how to create their own business plan. The second cohort in April 2019 were given language classes in French and Kanienkehá’ka throughout their 8-weeks to better prepare themselves for speaking in the workforce and in the community.

Following the 8-week pre-employability training, participants were placed with local employers for a period of 22-weeks to learn new skills. Most of the first cohort that gained employment have retained their employment following the 22-week period. They have been employed at both the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake and the Kanesatake Health Center Inc.


Group Bios

First Cohort :

1) Julia Lazore: Following the pre-employability training, Julia gained employment at the Kanesatake Human Resources Office as an Event Planner to create the community’s local Career and Job Fair in April 2019. Julia remains a part of the staff at the Kanesatake Human Resources Office tackling many different important projects.

2) Paige O’Brien: Unsure of what job to pursue during the work placement portion of the project, Paige joined the Lands and Estates department at the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake. In her time as the Assistant to the Lands and Estate Manager, Paige has been busy going on trainings and participating in national meetings across the country.

3) Kayla Lazore: Kayla began working as a youth animator at the Kanesatake Health Center Inc. after completing the pre-employability training. Leaving the project early, she welcomed her second son in early February 2019.

4) Kahsennine Nelson: Before beginning the pre-employability training, Kahsennine wanted to return as a youth animator at the Kanesatake Health Center Inc. Returning as an animator, she now creates and facilitates activities for the community’s youth and helps coordinate local events happening in the community.

5) Kasie Cross: Following the pre-employability training, Kasie gained employment at the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake as an archivist in the finance department. She utilizes her organization and time management skills, processing different information gathered over many years.

Second Cohort:

6) Melinda Nelson: Throughout the pre-employability training, Melinda expressed an interest and knowledge in cooking and baking incredible creations. She now shares those talents at the Tsi Ronstwa’ta:khwa Early Childhood Center as the cook for the youngest members of the community.

7) Sherry Benedict: Sherry was interested in continuing to work as a secretary or in administration. Following the pre-employability training, she gained employment at Reviving Kanehsatà:ke Radio as their first administration assistant.

8) Tewatenniehtha Nelson: After completing the pre-employability training, Tewa plans to go back to school in 2020. For now, Tewa works at the community’s local radio station archiving old audio footage spoken in Kanienke’ha.

9) Ashley Sauve: After completing the pre-employability training, Ashley gained employment as an office clerk at the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake. As an office clerk she will experience working in many different departments under the Mohawk Council and accomplish various tasks asked of her.

10) Cole Delisle: Cole completed the pre-employability training in June 2019. Wanting a job where he could work with his hands and be outside, Cole gained employment at the Public Works department under the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake.