Notice from the Lands, Estates and Indian Registration (Membership) office of the Mohawk Council of Kanehsatake

Please note that the Mohawk Council of Kanehsatake remains closed to the public.  Indigenous Services Canada (regional office and headquarters) remain closed.

Transfers of land in an Indian Reserve and Estate Transfers are being completed by me and sent for registration to ISC at a new temporary Covid address.   ISC is registering the transaction into the Indian Lands Registry, however are not issuing Oka Letters.  These letters will be issued by ISC when the staff returns at an undetermined date.

Please email or call me for an appointment or more information. Cell number:  514-220-2331

Last wills and testaments, mandates and affidavits are also being completed by me by appointment only.

Please email or call me for an appointment or more information. Cell number:  514-220-2331

Applications for registrations to the Indian Registry can be done via the ISC website.

I am not taking appointments for applications or pictures using the SCIS photo application as I am working from home and do not have the proper back drop for photos.  I will begin taking appointments in the near future for applicants with passport photos taken at a pharmacy.  I will post the date in the near future.  In the meantime if your band card has expired I can offer a temporary confirmation of registration. If your card is lost or stolen please report it at:

Please email or call me for more information. Cell number:  514-220-2331

Should I not be available for whatever reason and you need immediate help please call Paige O’Brien at 514-756-2265 or by email:

Please stay safe.

Amanda Simon
Certified Lands, Estates, and Membership Manager
Mohawk Council of Kanehsatake
450-479-8373 ext. 114
Direct Line:  450-479-7011
Cellular:  514-220-2331

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  1. Wendy

    Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed