On September 5th 1997 a letter was written to Walter Walling with the subject line “Planning and development of the new Kanehsatake Mohawk Cemetery.  A budget was also attached detailing the subdivision of part of lot 17, ground preparation and infrastructure with a total estimated cost of $83,000.00.  On September 10th 1997 acquisition of cemetery property by the Government of Canada with Government of Quebec Decret no. 1109-97 dated August 28th 1997 made the project a reality.  A plan was created which is displayed which unfortunately did not take into account monuments, trees, and root systems which ultimately resulted in a false number of burial plots.


In 2009 the Lands and Estates Department of the Mohawk Council of Kanehsatake recognized the need for a new survey plan and better burial placement in the cemetery in order to save place.  A proposal was written and submitted to Indigenous Affairs Canada and was rejected.

Following a meeting at Indigenous Affairs Canada March 13th 2019 a proposal was submitted under the Land Use Planning initiative and was accepted.  A budget of $38,000.00 was asked and received in April 2019.

The project included cemetery clean up (stump and small tree removal), road refresh and formal survey which determined burial dimensions for both burial and cremation coupled with access roads.  An inventory of the existing burial plots was documented and photographed.

This plan design was then uploaded into an “Access” based software system which will use the official plan for future burial placement, inventory, and burial identification.  It was discovered that in order to complete the work we needed more funding and was granted an additional $31,150.00 on September 16th 2019.

Work and project should be complete for full reveal in early November 2019.

Future Plans:

It is with the hope that members of Kanehsatake will respect the new survey plan and software which will keep the burial plot dimensions, the configuration and inventory of the cemetery.  Respecting this will allow for the Lands Department to determine how many burial plots remain at any given point in time, allowing for better planning for expansion and or new location of cemetery when the need arises


(UPDATED)New Cemetery Plan and Plot usage
Old Cemetery Plan


Please call the Lands and Estates office if a loved one passes away for any information you require on the cemetery and estates.

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