The Mohawk Council of Kanesatake’s Lands and Estates Department, Amanda Simon is in the process of preparing the “Pre-planning Phase” of their Land use plan.  Land Stewardship is the practice of carefully managing land usage to ensure natural systems are maintained and enhanced for sustainability for future generations.  We must be mindful to care for the system as a whole, conserve our resources, enhance stability in nature with cultural values and ethics. Land use planning will determine the most sustainable uses of the First Nation’s land and ensure appropriate land use for the First Nation’s own identity, priorities, and values.  It will focus on balancing the well-being of the environment with the social and economic well-being of the residents.  Land use planning is important for affirming rights as land is scarce, and if not managed properly it will deteriorate and will not support the people.

This questionnaire has been prepared to allow residents to express their feelings towards their First Nation, while allowing for me to gauge and gather data on what the community feels is important to them.  This questionnaire can be filled out on this printable copy and dropped off at the Band Office.  You can call the Band Office if you require assistance in completing the questionnaire and Shirley Bonspille will be happy to assist you.  You can also use survey monkey on the internet, send completed forms via return email to:

You do not have to provide your name or address and the results will be anonymous.

Thank you for your valuable comments.  A summary of the results of the questionnaire will be posted at the Band Office and posted on the Lands and Estates website.


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